KSSA : Principal



Professor R.Jagannathan, has been an academician for the past more than two one and a half decades. Having started his teaching career with the B.M.S. College of Engineering, Department of Architecture, Bangalore, is presently the Principal of the K.S. School of Architecture. He graduated in Bachelor’s in Architecture from the Department of Architecture, M.I.T., Manipal, he has completed Master’s in Town and Country Planning from School of Architecture & Planning, Anna University ,Chennai and also has a Post graduate Diploma in Construction Management from NICMAR, Pune. During his school days in Chennai, he was trained in Bharatha Nrityam by the eminent scholar artist, Dr.Padma Subrahmaniam. This exposure inspired him to the field of architecture and subsequently took him into research into the field of Vasthu Vidya. During the course of his research, he was guided by eminent scholars including Shri.Prabhat Kumar Poddar , Shri. Muniyangala Krishna Bhat and many others. This study and research of more than a decade has led to a Ph.D. from the Department of Sanskrit, University of Madras under the guide ship of Prof.Dr. S.Padmanabhan. The research on Vasthu Vidya has, apart from interpreting the subject as an architectural design methodology, has been adopted into practical application. By offering consultancy for a large number of individuals, institutions and industries, the research has found practical applications, creating harmonies of space and people. As a teacher , Professor Jagannathan, has firmly believed in sincere and innovative approach to teach and inspire students. Presently, as Principal of the K.S.School of Architecture, a sincere attempt is being made to offer the architectural program with quality and responsibility. Towards this, the school has adopted the vision of Culture, Climate and Cost as its our basic guiding principle after much deliberations with many architects including Ar.Sathya Prakash Varanashi. Dr.Jagannathan, has presented papers in many national and international conferences and has lectured in academic platforms including the Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts ( IGNCA ) New Delhi.