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Sl.No Authors Title Ed & Year Publisher No.of Copies
1 Ching, Francis D K, Jarzombek, Mark, and Prakash Vikramaditya Global history of architecture 2nd ed, 2011 New Jorsey: John Wiley 2
2 Yarwood, Doreen Chronology of western architecture 1987 New Yark:Dover Pub 1
3 Fletchers, Banister and Cruickshank, Dan ed. History of architecture 2nd ed, 1996 New Delhi:C B S Pub 2
4 Pevsner, Nikolaus History of building types : the A W mellon Lectures in the fine arts, 1970 (Bollingen Series XXXV 19) 1976 New Jorsey: princeton University 1
5 Alexander, Christopher, Ishikawa, Sara and Silverstein, Murray et. all… Pattern language : towns, buildings, construction 1977 New Yark:Oxford University 1
6 Ching, Francis D K Visual dictionary of architecture 1995 New Yark:V N R 2
7 Bansal, Anupam and Kochupillai, Malini Architectural guide delhi 2013 Germany:Adom Pub 1
8 White, Flog Architectural ideas 2013 Mumbai:White Flog 1
9 Groat, Linda N and Wang, Pavid Architectural research methods 2nd ed, 2013 New Jersey: Wiley 1
10 Mallgrave, Harry Francis Architectural theory vol - 1 : an anthology from vitruvius to 1870 2006 U S A: Black well 1
11 Mallgrave, Harry Francis Architectural theory vol - 2 : an anthology from 1871-2005 2008 U S A: Black well 1
12 Mehrotra, Rahul Architecture in india since 1990 2011 Mumbai: Pictor 1
13 Hays, K Michael ed. Architecture theory since 1968 1998 New york: Mit Press 1
14 Atkins Architecture and urban design : selected and current works 2011 2011 Australia: Images 1
15 Curtis, William J R Balakrishna doshi : an architecture for india 2014 Mapin Pub 1
16 Emmitt, Stephen and Gorse, Chriskopher A Barrys advanced construction of buildings 2006 U S A: Black well 1
17 Emmitt, Stephen and Gorse, Chriskopher A Barrys introdution to construction of buildings 2005 U S A: Black well 1
18 Voute, Caesar and Long, Mark Borobudur : Pyramid of the cosmic buddha 2008 New Delhi: D K Print world 1
19 Grover, Satish Buddhist and hindu architecture in india 2nd ed, 1980 New Delhi: C B S Pub 5
20 Banz, Hans Buildings construction details : practical drawings 1979 New Delhi: C B S Pub 1
21 Chudley R and Greeno R Building construction hand book 8th ed, 1988 New Delhi: Elsevier 2
22 Mckay W B Building construction : metric Vol -1 5th ed, 1970 New Delhi: Pearson 2
23 Mckay W B Building construction : metric Vol -2 4th ed, 2013 New Delhi: Pearson 7
24 Mckay W B Building construction : metric Vol -3 5th ed, 2013 New Delhi: Pearson 7
25 Mckay W B Building construction : metric Vol -4 4th ed, 2013 New Delhi: Pearson 7
26 Frampton, Kenneth Charles Correa 1996 Perennial Press 1
27 Lynch, Kevin City Sense and city design 1990 London: Mit press 1
28 Peake, Stephen and Smith, Joe Climate change : from science to substainability 2003 New york: Oxford 1
29 Krishan, Arvind, Baker, Nick and Yannas, Simos ed Climate responsive architecture : a design hand book for energy efficient buildings 2001 New Delhi: T M H 1
30 New Daly Construction : encyclopedia Vol - 1 New Daly 1
31 New Daly Construction : encyclopedia Vol - 2 New Daly 1
32 New Daly Construction : encyclopedia : sanitation and electrical installations - air conditioning and heating Vol - 3 New Daly 1
33 New Daly Construction : encyclopedia : stairways, parkingas and garages - special assemblies New Daly 1
34 New Daly Construction : encyclopedia : finishes and decoration - swimming - pool and barbecues New Daly 1
35 Chakraborty, Manjari Designing better architecture education : global realities and local reforms 2015 New Delhi: Copal Pub 1
36 Alread, Jason, Leslie, Thomas and Whitehead, Rob Design - tech : building science for architects 2nd ed, 2014 New York: Routledge 1
37 Mittal A K Electrical and mechanical services in high rise buildings : design and estimation manual 2007 New Delhi: C B S Pub 2
38 Rasmussen, Steen Eiler Experiencing architecture 1959 Cambridge: Mit press 1
39 Vinod Kumar, T M Geographic information system for smart cities 2014 New Delhi: Copal Pub 1
40 Lynch, Kevin Good city form 1981 Cambridge: Mit press 1
41 Ching, Francis D K and Shapiro, Iam M Green building illustrated 2014 New Jersey: Wiley 2
42 Panero, Julius and Zelnik, Martin Human Dimension and interior space : a source book of design reference standards 1979 New York: Guptill Pub 1
43 Hearn, Fil Ideas that shaped buildings 2003 Cambridge: Mit press 1
44 Archiworld In detail 04 : interior design detail exhibition Korea: Archiworld 1
45 Archiworld In detail 06 : interior design detail SPA accommodation Korea: Archiworld 1
46 Archiworld In detail 07 : education culture Korea: Archiworld 1
47 Archiworld In detail 08 : shop restaurant Korea: Archiworld 1
48 Archiworld In detail 09 : office-11 Korea: Archiworld 1
49 Brown, Percy Indian architecture : Buddhist and Hindu periods N.Delhi: Kiran Book 5
50 Brown, Percy Indian architecture : Islamic period N.Delhi: Sun Glory 3
51 Ramachandran, M India's urban confusion : challenges and strategies 2014 N.Delhi: Copal 1
52 Kasu, Ahmed Abdullah Interior design : an introduction to art, craft, technique, science and profession of interior design 5th ed, 2012 Mumbai: Ashis 1
53 Grover, Satish Islamic architecture in India 2nd ed, 2002 N.Delhi: CBS 1
54 Bunce, Fredrick W Islamic tombs in India : the iconography and genesis of their design 2004 N.Delhi: D K 1
55 Vernon, Siobhan. Tennant, Rachel and Garmony, Nicola Landscape architect's pocket book 2009 Elsevier: Architectural 1
56 Corbusier, Le. Cohen, Jean-Louis. and Goodman, John tr Toward an architecture 2007 London: Frances Lincoln 1
57 Weber, Willi. And Yannas, Simos ed. Lessons from vernacular architecture 2014 London: Routledge 1
58 Benninger, Christopher Letters to a young architect 2011 Pune: CCBA 1
59 Dev, Rishi Local area planning in India 2015 UP : Copal 1
60 Grover, Satish Masterpieces of traditional India architecture 2nd ed N.Delhi: Roli 1
61 Littlefield, David ed. Metric handbook : planning and design data 3rd ed, 2008 N.Delhi: Elsevier 2
62 Yadav, Vinita Metropolitan governance : cases of Ahmedabad and Hyderabad 2014 N.Delhi: Copal 1
63 Curtis, William J R Modern architecture since 1900 3rd ed, 1996 London: Phaidon 1
64 Bunce, Fredrick W Monuments of India and the indianized states : the plans of major and notable temples, tombs, places and pavilions of Bangladesh, Srilanka, Java, the Khmer, Pagan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia from erd C.BCF CF 1854 2007 N.Dehi: D K 1
65 Elliot, Kim S Multi-storey precast concrete framed structures 1996 N.York: Blackwell 1
66 Neufert, Frnst. Jones, Vincent. And Thackara, John Architects data 2nd ed, 1980 N.York: Blackwell 1
67 French, Hilary New urban housing 2006 London: Laurence King 1
68 Frampton, Kenneth. Davey, Peter and Ozkan, Suha Raj rewal : innovative architecture and tradition 2013 N.Delhi: Om 1
69 Bunce, Fredrick W Royal palaces, residences and pavilions of India : 13th through 18th centuries - an iconographic consideration 2006 N.Delhi: D K 1
70 Thorbeck, Dewey Rural design : a new design discipline 2012 London: Routledge 1
71 Lynch, Kevin and Hack, Gary Site planning 3rd ed, 1984 Cambridge: Mit press 1
72 Dekay, Mark and Brown, G Z Sun, wind and light : architectural design strategies 3rd ed, 2014 N.Jersey : Wiley 1
73 Prakash, Vikramaditya Architecture of Shivdatt Sharma : modernism in India series 2012 Chandigarh : Mapin 1
74 Rossi, Aldo Architecture of the city 1982 Cambridge: Mit press 1
75 Shrivastava, Pallavi City observed : notes from an unfolding India 2015 N.Delhi: Copal 1
76 Barry, R Construction of buildings V.1: foundations and oversite concrete, walls, floors, roofs 6th ed, 1996 N.Delhi: EWP 2
77 Barry, R Construction of buildings V.2: windows-doors-stairs-fires, stoves and chimneys-internal finishes and external rendering 5th ed, 1999 N.Delhi: EWP 2
78 Barry, R Construction of buildings V.3: single-storey frames, shells and light weight coverings 4th ed, 1993 N.Delhi: Affiliated East-West 2
79 Barry, R Construction of buildings V.4: multi-storey buildings, foundations and substructures, structural steel frames, floors and roofs concrete, concrete structural frames, external walls and cladding of framed buildings 4th ed, 1996 N.Delhi: Affiliated East-West 2
80 Barry, R Construction of buildings V.5: Building services water, electricity and gas supplies foul water discharge, refuse storage 3rd ed, 1998 N.Delhi: Affiliated East-West 2
81 Borden, Iain. And Ray, Katerina Ruedi Dissertation : a guide for architecture students 3rd ed, 2014 London: Routledge 1
82 Ford, Edward R Details of modern architecture V.1 2003 Cambridge: Mit press 1
83 Ford, Edward R Details of modern architecture V.2 2003 Cambridge: Mit press 1
84 Bunce, Fredrick W Iconography of architectural plans : a study of the influence of buddhism and binduism on plans of south and southeast asia 2002 New Delhi: D K 1
85 Bunce, Fredrick W Iconography of water : well and tank forms of the indian subcontinent 2013 New Delhi: D K 1
86 Lynch, Kevin Image of the city 1960 Cambridge: London Mit press 5
87 Dhaky, M A Indian temple traceries 2005 New Delhi: D K 1
88 Bunce, Fredrick W Mosques of the indian subcontinent their development and iconography 2008 New Delhi: D K 1
89 Michell, George and Martinelli, Antonio Phot Royal palaces,of India 1998 London: Thames and Hudson 1
90 Deeksha Bhardway Time chart history india 2005 U K: Robert Frederick 1
91 Dhar, Parul Pandya Torana in indian and southeast asian architecture 2010 New Delhi: 1
92 Gallion, Arthur B and Eisner, simon Urban pattern : city planning and design 5th ed, 1986 New Delhi: C B S Pub 2
93 Bunce, Fredrick W Yantras of deities and their numerological foundations : an iconographic consideration 2001 New Delhi: D K 1
94 Chiara, Joseph De ed, Panero Julius ed and Zelnik, Martin ed Time - sever standards for housing and residential development 2nd ed, 1995 New Delhi: McGraw Hill edu india 1
95 Watson, Donald ed and Crosbie, Michael J ed Time - saver standards for architectural design technical data for professional practice 8th ed, 2005 New Delhi: McGraw Hill edu india 6
96 Watson, Donald ed, Plattus, Alan ed and Shibley, Robert G ed Time - saver standards for urban design 2003 New Delhi: McGraw Hill edu india 1
97 UNESCO Treasures of the world : a complete guide to the UNESCO world Heritage sites 2010 Paris, UNESCO/ LONDON : Harper Collins 1
98 Uncoin, Simon Twenty - five buildings every architect should understand 2nd ed, 2015 London: Routledge 1
99 Catanese, Anthony J ed and Snyder, James ed Urban Planning 2nd ed, 1988 New Delhi: McGraw Hill edu india 1
100 White, Flog Versatile indian architects 2011 Mumbai : White Flag Media 1
101 Nagaswamy R Vishnu temples of kanchipuram 2011 New Delhi: D K 1
102 Sanoff, Henry Visual research methods in design 1991 New Yark : Van Nostrand Reinhold 1
103 Laureano, Pietro Water conservation techniques in Traditional human settlements 2013 New Delhi: Copal Pub 1
104 Stukin, Stacie and Watters, Sam for New Classicists Richard Manion Architecture 2011 Australia: Images 1
105 Ching, Francis D K Architectural graphics 5th ed, 2009 N. Jersey: John Wiley 5
106 Ching, Francis D K Architecture : form, space, and order 4th ed, 2015 N. Jersey: John Wiley 5
107 Ching, Francis D K. Onouye, Barry and Zuberbubler, Douglas Building structures illustrated : patterns, systems, and design 2nd ed, 2014 N. Jersey: John Wiley 2
108 Ching, Francis D K. and Juroszek, Steven P Design drawing 2nd ed, 2010 N. Jersey: John Wiley 2
109 Ching, Francis D K Building construction illustrated 5th ed, 2014 N. Jersey: John Wiley 5
110 Pramar, V S Design fundamentals in architecture 3rd ed, 1997 Mumbai: Somaiya 5
111 Ching, Francis D K Drawing : a creative process 1990 N.York: John Wiley 2
112 Archiworld In detail 01 : interior design detail commerce, hospital Korea: Archiworld 1
113 Archiworld In detail 02 : interior design detail office I, office II Korea: Archiworld 1
114 Ching, Francis D K. and Binggeli, Corky Interior design illustrated 3rd ed, 2012 N. Jersey: John Wiley 2
115 Ching, Francis D K. and Eckler, James F Inroduction to architecture 2013 N. Jersey: John Wiley 1
116 Chiara, Joseph De ed, and Crosbie, Michael J ed. Time-saver standards for building types 4th ed, 2001 N.Delhi: McGraw Hill Education (India) 1
117 Gill, Robert W Rendering with pen and ink 1973 London: Thames & Hudson 5
118 Alexander, Christopher Timeless way of building 1979 New York: Oxford 5
119 Bansal, Rk, Bansal, Sanjay Text book of engineering mechnics 6th ed, 2012 New Delhi: Laxmi 5
120 American institute of architects, Bassler, Bruce ed. Architectural graphic standards 11th ed New Jersey: John Wiley 5
121 Emmitt, Stephen and Gorse, Chriskopher A Barrys introdution to construction of buildings 3rd ed, 2014 UK: Wiley Blacjwell 3
122 McDonough, William, Braungart, Michael Cradle to cradle 2002 New York: North point press 5
123 Taylor, Grant English conversationpractice 1967 New Delhi: TMH 5
124 Duggal S K Surveying : Vol-1 4th ed, 2013 New Delhi: TMH 5
125 Bansal R K Text book of strength of meterials: mechanics of solids 6th ed, 2015 New Delhi: Laxmi pub 5
126 Narman, Don Design of everyday things 2013 New York: Basic books 5
127 Berger, John Ways of seeing 1972 New York: Penguin 5
128 Chudley R Construction technology Vol - 1 2nd ed, 2015 Noida: Pearson 5
129 Chudley R Construction technology Vol - 2 2nd ed, 2015 Noida: Pearson 5
130 Chudley R Construction technology Vol - 3 2nd ed, 2015 Noida: Pearson 5
131 Chudley R Construction technology Vol - 4 2nd ed, 2015 Noida: Pearson 5
132 Johnson, Paul-Alan Theory of architecture: concepts themes and practices 1994 New York: John Wiley 5
133 Jones, Leo Working in english 2001 New York: Cambridge 5
134 Singer, Ferdinand L Engineering mechanics part - 2 : dynamics 3rd ed, 1975 New York: Harper & Row 5
135 Cullen, Gordon Concise townscape 1971 New York: Routledge 5
136 Rao, Venugopala, Akella, Vijayalakshmi Text book of surveying 2015 Delhi: PHI 5
137 Ravindra S V Rainbow country: an indian odyssey 2015 Malleswaram: Focus communication 5
138 Schodek, Daniel L, Bechthold, Martin Structures 7th ed, 2015 Noida: Pearson 5
139 Shah, Snehal Architect New Delhi: Mapin Pub 1
140 Deshpande, Jayashree ed. Archiving architectural thesis-14 2015 Pune: NIASA 2
141 Deshpande, Jayashree ed. Rural studio project 2015 Pune: NIASA 2
142 Shah, Naresh, Anaokar, Prasad Introduction to predesign 2015 New Delhi: COA 2
143 Pillai, Jayesh ed. Masterpiece of a master architect 2014 Kerala: Laurie Baker Center 5
144 Baker, Laurie Houses how to reduce building costs 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
145 Baker, Laurie MUD 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
146 Baker, Laurie Brick work 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
147 Baker, Laurie Rural house plans 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
148 Baker, Laurie Alleppey: venice of the east 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
149 Dath, Chandra TR, Baker, Laurie Study of the conditions of a variety of the earthquake-hit villages in garhwal 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
150 Baker, Laurie Rural community buildings 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
151 Baker, Laurie Cost reduction for primary school buildings 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
152 Baker, Laurie Chamali earth quake 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
153 Baker, Laurie Are slums innevitable 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
154 Baker, Laurie Rubbish by baker 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
155 Baker, Laurie Manual of cost cuts for strong acceptable housing 2014 Kerala: COSTFORD 5
156 Nithya Srinivasan, Kiran Venkatesh ed. Residence ex 10 ded : more contemporary indian houses 2011 Bangalore: INCITE 5
157 Nithya Srinivasan, Kiran Venkatesh ed. Residence : contemporary indian houses 2015 Bangalore: INCITE 5
158 Nandita Transform : contemporary architecture in bangalore 2009 Bangalore: INCITE 2
159 Nandita Project files 02 2009 Bangalore: INCITE 5
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4 Online Newspaper Directory for the World http://www.onlinenewspapers.com
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