KSSA : Action Plan
For Students:
  • Mentors – Faculty mentor: Assigning a faculty to each student, the faculty mentors as the local guardian for the students.
  • Student mentor: Identifying students from neighboring institutions to guide the students in the academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Guest lectures – exposing students to varied thoughts and ideologies by organizing guest lectures and workshops.
  • Study visits & trips – to facilitate hands on learning and expose them to self -management skills.
  • Wholistic development: A healthy body and mind is a necessary requirement for the Success of our students not only as a professional but also as a responsible citizen.
  • Towards the school facilitates courses in Yoga for a wholostic individual development.
  • Cultural & Art festivals: The school encourages and facilitates cultural and art festivals
  • In order to create a platform to bring out the other talents of the students.
For Faculty
  • Faculty are given complete academic freedom to provide innovative teaching methods.
  • Research : Faculty are encouraged to peruse research works in their fields of interest.
  • Resources : A well equipped library with a good collection of books and journals to facilitate knowledge updates.
  • Incentives: for deriving good results from students for authoring text books for publishing research papers for delivering corporate training for industrial consultancy and research work
For Parents
  • Progress report: Parents will be intimated about the academic progress of their wards.
  • Parents-Students and Staff meeting: Parents-students and staff meeting will be held after the second internal test.
  • Direct e-mail access to Principal : Parents are encouraged to write to principal directly